Bell & Ross was founded in 1992, as a university project, by two friends: Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo.
These two young men had a shared vision of functional and tough watches. Their first timepieces were not made in Switzerland – as you might have expected – they were made in Germany by a company called Sinn Spezialuhren, several military-inspired chronographs and extreme dive watches. Later the brand designed its own timepieces.The real shift in the company, in terms of products, came in 2005, with the introduction of the BR 01 watch.

BR 01
Instrument A modern icon of watchmaking, easily recognizable amongst hundreds of other watches and a watch that laid the foundations for the decade to come: the BR 01 Instrument. It is the brand’s declaration of independence, a solid core watch, with its own design that will be derived in multiple different editions.
The concept was based on a round dial within a square case, steel or black, with an extremely sleek dial but with intense contrast. Functional, basic, but very, very powerful in terms of brand identity.

World water-resistance record with the Hydro Challenger (11,000 meters in the Guinness Book of Records, and still a few metres deeper than the Rolex Deep Sea Challenge, which made it to 10,908 meters in 2012)