If your watch needs a verification, a technical diagnosis can be made with an after-sales service at the authorized reseller, our team will be available to get you in relationship directly with them, below an overview of the services which can be realized by an authorized dealer.

The manufacturer's water resistance tests are conducted under specific conditions, which do not take into account possible damage to the surface waters during a normal dive. We recommend that you have it checked every two years, but when the watch is worn as part of underwater sports activities, it is recommended that it be checked annually before the start of the underwater season.

Polishing is a service that aims to restore the aesthetic appearance of your watch and its bracelet, with a varnish for light metal and a microfiber polishing cloth you can remove the patina and small scratches wear. During this operation, the metal surfaces are carefully polished while preserving the original shape of each component.

Preserve the appearance of the leather strap of your watch avoiding contact with sunlight, cosmetics and water, we advise you to remove your watch to take a shower or swim.

For metal bracelets, you can also request a polishing at your watchmaker: once every 4 or 5 years is enough.